About Us!

We are a customer centric business who believe that our clients business requirements and identities are individual to them. We do not believe in out of the box solutions and work with our clients to understand them, their business, and their objectives. This in return enables us to build a solution to represent their businesses goals, objectives and attract the customers they want.

We believe in becoming your e-business partner and assisting with a wide range of services from custom website design to development of complex online systems.

Client Understanding

Understanding the client’s needs enables us to deliver a reliable and efficient solution. At all times we will discuss all options with you, so you can make an informed decision on what’s best for your business.

Deliver Maximum Value

Our success is tied to the success of our clients, so making sure that you get value for money, and helping you grow is key.

We have over 20 years commercial website and system development experience, full life cycle project management and over 15 years experience of client management. This enables us to make sure our clients get a service that makes sure their project will run smotthly, ontime and be fully informed at all times.

As a business we have experience in:

  • Linux and windows server design and architecture
  • Website front end development using modern JavaScript frameworks
  • Lucene and Solr search configuration, optimisation, and setup
  • IT incident management and DR processes
  • Networking and infrastructure
  • API and system integrations
  • Data transformation and information reporting
Partnering with Clients

We look to become our client’s long-term e-business partner and as such we build an understanding of your long-term goals and work with you to achieve these. This means looking at the here and now for your business but also helping you to realise the potential that tomorrow holds, making sure you to become more successful and future proofing your site to meet tomorrows business requirements.